Email Response $25

Email coaching is a flexible, easy to use and highly accessible alternative or complement to phone and in-person coaching. It’s like having a coach in your back pocket all the time! Who wouldn’t want that?

As a Certified Life Coach, I can help you handle relevant issues in your social life, boost your career, your relationships, or your life as a whole.

All of us lead very busy lives and even one simple email, with the right words or the right ideas at the right time, can put you on the right path and turn your life around.

Email coaching is available as a great alternative to in-person or phone coaching, and its fees are much more affordable. NOTE: Email coaching is included in my other coaching packages, or as a standalone service with its own fees.

The Advantages of Email Coaching

You will find standalone email coaching particularly useful for you if you identify yourself in one or more of these scenarios:

* You have one or more very specific issues you want expert assistance with;
* You want basic-level but continuous and personalized support from me in developing relevant people skills or attitudes;
* You don’t want to make a big financial commitment but you still want to get a lot of bang for your buck.
* In addition to this, many people are attracted to email coaching for one or more of the following benefits:

As a standalone service, it is less expensive and easier to use than coaching via phone, or face to face;
I’ll respond within 72 hours; It may feel a lot more comfortable to talk via email, using written words and it encourages many people to open up more;
Both you and I have plenty of time to think before you put your thoughts into words and send an email;
You get very clear and relevant answers which you can put into action. There is no extra fluff, no superfluous conversation.
You can save the email, reread and reuse it anytime you want to get inspired or get practical insights.

What You Should Know About How I Work

There are a few more things I think it’s important for you to know about the way I do coaching by email:

Each email response I send is customized for your context and needs. I don’t rehash information, I don’t provide general advice.
If I need additional information from you in order to provide a first-rate response, I’ll ask for it and only after that I’ll send you my official, paid email response.
I focus on helping you get real results. With each email response I offer practical advice, step-by-step strategies and high-quality guidance which you can immediately start applying.
Responding to emails from clients in a timely manner is a priority for me. I typically answer every email from a client within 72 hours and at times even within a couple of hours.
With an email response, I may include attachments or links to additional resources.